What’s Your Ice Cream Flavor? {INFOGRAPHIC}

Check out the infographic I created for my friends from Pepe Nero Bar & Diner in the sea resort - Lozenets, Bulgaria So what's your favorite ice cream flavor?


Which Skills Do Employers and Job Seekers Overrate The Most

You click the SAVE button with a satisfied smile on your face as you’ve got your resume makeover. You structured the perfect bullet points, the resume is just a little more than a page, and its new design is more than awesome (thanks to the few dozen resumes you reviewed to get inspiration). So, you … Continue reading Which Skills Do Employers and Job Seekers Overrate The Most

How To Cook An Awesome Blog Post

Whether you love to cook or not, you know there are essential ingredients to any meal you attempt to make. One of my go-to-sources for all things blogging - Coppyblogger has created an awesome infographic to illustrate what the essential ingredients of any blog post are. Let me know in the comments below if you … Continue reading How To Cook An Awesome Blog Post

Tom’s Got Mail

E-mail marketing

This is part of a story about a successful affiliate marketer, which first appeared in a hosting company's blog that I used to write for. It covers the basics of e-mail marketing for affiliates. Day 24, 2:00 p.m. Tom’s got mail Tom knew he was on the right track to successfully monetizing his website. Persistency … Continue reading Tom’s Got Mail

Banner Ads Vs. Text Links: To Be Or Not To Be

Banner Ads Vs. Text links

The decision of whether to use banner ads or text links in their websites has been troubling the minds of affiliates and marketers for many years now, and the debate still goes on, regardless many of the studies done to reveal the effectiveness of one over the other. Most probably, the opposite camps will remain … Continue reading Banner Ads Vs. Text Links: To Be Or Not To Be

12 Free Online Tools To Rock Your Office

free tools to boost productivity

There is something terrifying and at the same time comforting at the thought of having so many online tools to make our lives better. With so many apps to see, so many tools to check out and eventually use, it is sometimes too much to breathe in and comprehend.   At least that is the case for the curious mind … Continue reading 12 Free Online Tools To Rock Your Office

Why Do We Blog

As tradition goes, now I should be shouting ‘Hello World’ and passionately talking about the reasons why I decided to start my first blog. Maybe traditions have changed and my information is outdated. And maybe, I really don’t have an idea how people kick-off with their personal blogs these days. However, this was how it … Continue reading Why Do We Blog