Why Do We Blog

As tradition goes, now I should be shouting ‘Hello World’ and passionately talking about the reasons why I decided to start my first blog. Maybe traditions have changed and my information is outdated. And maybe, I really don’t have an idea how people kick-off with their personal blogs these days. However, this was how it used to be not so long ago.
Truth is – this is my second attempt at creating my own personal online ‘thought screaming’ place. I don’t even remember how my first blog was called, as it ended up in reckless efforts to make it ‘look beautiful’. Of course, the ‘web designer wannabe’ feeling in me hasn’t died, but this time I want to focus more on content, as this is what brings me the most pleasure. We’ll see how it goes.
As much as I try not to be too self-centered, and really focus on my pondering about what makes people share their feelings online so much these days, I had to make this short introduction.
When I actually did make the move, and pushed that ‘CREATE YOUR FIRST BLOG’ button (I know it sounds dramatic), I couldn’t help myself not to stop thinking about why people do start blogging. I knew why I did, but was it the same reason others did? Or were there any other reasons to want to share your thoughts with the world?
No research done by me this time, the following list is mainly based on thoughts, and conclusions from articles I’ve read about online blogging.
1. People who love to write but haven’t had the chance to get a job in an offline/online media (reasons are many, not to be discussed here): These are the ones who either realized their passion for the pen or keyboard too late, or realized it soon enough to enroll in a related major, but somehow did not make it to that dream job. I tend to think of myself falling into this group, as I have always had this thing for writing, and even had been a part of our school’s magazine editorial team. However, somehow, I abandoned this passion towards many other passions I had, and ended up getting a Business degree. Feeling it is too late, too hard, and maybe not worth the effort for a 180 degrees change of course, here I am with my Stamply blog.
2. People who love to write and actually do write for other media, but keep their personal blog as a place to unwind mostly: Those are the people, who most probably kept their personal diaries when they were younger, or might still do, who knows – diaries are meant to be secret, right? Those people really enjoy writing and do so outside their writing jobs to have a platform for their thoughts on specific topics, which interest them, but would probably not be able to freely talk about at their daily jobs.
3. People who have a hobby they are extremely passionate about: These are the ones who love wine tasting, fishing, shopping etc., and got so much into it, that very naturally, with time, people started approaching them for advice. This, in turn, led them to sharing their passion with the rest of the world. These blogs do usually start as small blogs, only meant for friends and family to read, and more than often do become a way of living and sometimes, earning a living.
4. People who don’t like writing, but have heard they might leave their 9 to 5 jobs by starting a blog: These people either learn to be good, driven mostly by the benefits their blog might bring – I am talking money here, or just never do learn and end up with a blog cluttered with banners displaying ads on topics varying from teeth whitening to great WordPress templates.
5. People who don’t like writing, but firmly believe they do, and also have heard it is cool to have a blog and write about …well, anything: These people are either very confused about their unique qualities as a person, or are so curious about life and the surprises and sunsets it brings every day, and so eager to learn new stuff that most probably the first time they heard about the word ‘blogging’, they said: “Hell yea, I can do it!” And so they did. They did it with mere or no success at all.  Dwelling on what really triggers this group of people start their own blog makes me wonder if I might be as well a part of it.
6. Any combination between 1 to 4
So, here is the way I structured into groups, the main reasons people start their own blogs these days.
I tried to objectively structure people’s main reasons on people wanting to share themselves online, in a personal blog. Surely this is not a complete list. It’s not even a study. There certainly are many other combinations of people, but these, I believe do offer a basis to draw a deeper discussion on.
I admitted which group I fall into, and would love to hear your confessions as well in the comments below.
Feel free to qualify yourself, myself or your neighbor and/or add a group, if you feel it should be in the list.

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